Semalt: What Are The Benefits Of SEO And What Is The Right Tool To Perform SEO? 

Dear readers! Welcome to the famous blog where we discuss SEO and the right tool to perform its tasks. Our article today will focus on the benefits of SEO. So, if you are an independent SEO manager or an SEO agency, you should definitely read this guide.

As you already know, SEO is a set of tactics that aims to optimize the pages of a website. Such an action, subsequently allows the page to be better ranked in the search engine results.

 So, do you have an idea of the advantages that are offered to you, when your web pages are at the first position of the search results made on Google? In other words, do you know the multiple advantages that SEO offers you?

To help you better understand this question, we will discuss some important reasons why you should choose a quality SEO tool. In addition to that, we will also expose the tool you need to perfect your SEO. With that, we invite you to take this guide very seriously, to get the most out of it. 

Discover the 9 benefits of SEO for your business

In fact, experts don't even have to think long before confirming that one of the main benefits of SEO is that it generates more traffic to the ranked page. Sure, it's one of the benefits, but not the only one!

So, let's go and discover the rest of its multiple benefits.

1. Democratize access to users and visitors

Whether a company is big or small, they can all win the top of Google, as long as they apply a good SEO method unlike paid advertising, where often those who win are those who have the most investment capital. Indeed, with SEO, it is possible to succeed even with small capital.  

Of course, it will take a lot of strategies to do this and for that, you need to have the right tool. You can also follow the main SEO tips, but users opt more for quality than quantity.

2. More traffic to the website

In the stages of the sales funnel, phase 1 of attraction is to support organic traffic. This organic traffic is increased when SEO tactics are used correctly and generate better post rankings.

In this way, your page is likely to receive clicks when it receives a lot of traffic. Thus, SEO actions contribute to support not only marketing but also your business strategy.

3. Qualified traffic

Apart from the organic traffic generated to the website, SEO can generate much more qualified traffic. Indeed, when users perform searches on Google, they are interested in the subject they are looking for, do you agree?

So, if your company has the answer to what they are looking for, it is more likely that they will engage with the content and can become your partner. So, you need to consider the stage of the sales funnels for those users. On the other hand, with a strong SEO tool, you can generate qualified traffic without even providing great effects. 

4. Building brand authority

There are two types of search results: organic and paid.

When a company appears in the top positions of organic results, its content is more credible than paid results. As a result, it's not uncommon to hear people say that they are quick to click on that brand's ad results.

This does not mean that an Adwords campaign does not bring results. To this effect, your entity becomes even more important when the same user performs several searches and always finds your partners' brand at the top. Subsequently, he will start to observe your company and turn to it as a source of information.

5. Assistance in the purchase funnel

Another benefit of SEO is its impact on a consumer's buying cycle. When a user performs a search on the Internet, he may consider a purchase, based on the content he receives in reply. Thus, he can decide whether or not to complete that transaction.

It's up to you to produce relevant content to help your customer choose to proceed. Of course, not all research starts with clear purchase intent. But all research begins with the intent to solve a particular problem.

The answer to that problem may be what your company does, even if it's not a direct answer. In short, one of the benefits of SEO is to help you guide your potential partners through the buying funnel.

6. Continuous and long-term return

In this case, you should keep in mind that, only a good marketing strategy, can help you maintain your return on investment for a long time. So, unlike advertising strategies, which interrupt the results when they are paused; one of the advantages of SEO is that your business continues to receive the return even after the direct investment in the action is over.

In other words, if you have created content and an optimized page, it will continue to rank on Google. This is why a strong SEO tool is necessary to get good results in the long run.

7. Improve the conversion rate

SEO optimized sites are faster and easier to read. In addition, they make it easier for users to navigate. For this reason, they attract and retain more web users. SEO is therefore a very important and powerful tool in determining the success of a business.

8. SEO builds trust

If you manage to reach the first page of the search results, it means that you have succeeded in gaining the trust of the Internet users and the search engine. However, that's not all. Indeed, high rankings automatically imply an increase in public trust. This trust is essential when a potential buyer converts into a loyal buyer.

Why does this happen? It's a question of psychology. Internet users generally tend to trust companies that are easily searchable online and rank high in search results. The phenomenon is partly subjective. Indeed, it is far from true that the most successful companies are those that rank highest on Google or other search engines.

9. SEO saves advertising budgets

What is the alternative to promoting SEO? It is the paid advertising traffic on the Display Network. Indeed, it is an excellent option in many cases. 

But compared to natural referencing, any type of traffic is considered rightly, that is to say free. Nevertheless, you should know that natural referencing requires a little effort at the beginning, but with time, it becomes easy. You will discover later that its benefits are enormous. 

Thus, SEO is an excellent investment that allows you to save money.

Now that you understand the benefits of SEO, you are finally ready to opt for the best SEO tool that will help you achieve full site optimization.

Discover the best tool you need for successful SEO 

After this brief list of SEO benefits, it's time for you to adopt the best tool you need for good SEO. Semalt experts, after designing the tool "SEO Dedicated Dashboard", witnessed that it quickly won the market and positioned itself in the first place. Why this?

Actually, this is possible, as the old SEO tools do not really meet the requirements of the market. Thus, you should know that the performance of a tool is not measured by its age. A quality SEO tool is one that can combine and perform several tasks at the same time.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is filled with an array of functions, which allows it to detect any problem related to a website in a handful of minutes. In addition, it has several features such as: the analysis function that allows determining the keywords that are at the top. Then we can mention, creating and optimizing landing pages, triggering an email marketing strategy, etc.

With the keyword panel, you will be able to choose those that effectively contribute to the growth of your business. Likewise, the tool will provide you with some information on the most important and relevant indicators for an adequate digital positioning.

In any case, keep in mind that the SEO Dedicated Dashboard is unmatched by any other SEO tool available on the market. Moreover, it is a tool that is mainly focused on innovation and is much more recommended by SEO specialists. 

The tool is very accessible and many clients around the world testify about its effectiveness for their business. You can also check out the testimonials of its customers to get an idea of the tool.

Some features of the SEO Dashboard

Here are some very powerful features available on the tool that can also help you achieve your goals. 

SEO-technical audit

The specificity of this feature of the tool lies in the fact that it is likely to perform a successful analysis of the site, to determine the malfunctions that it is facing. Then, it provides the appropriate solutions to each situation. In reality, this function takes care of all aspects of the technical SEO audit of the site.

The Google search broadcast

The Google search broadcast, is a feature of the tool, allowing to show, the evolution of a site and its positioning in Google searches. In addition, it provides the following information on competitors:
  • The most used keywords
  • Their niche
  • Their promotion policy in place
  • The traffic of their site

SEO reports

Whether you are an SEO agency or an independent SEO manager, this feature of the tool offers you the advantage of being very innovative. Indeed, it allows you to design and communicate to your clients the reports of each analysis performed. In this way, you will gain the trust of your customers and subsequently increase the reputation of your company.


In addition to all the points covered in this guide, if you wish to gain a working knowledge of the tool, Semalt offers a 14-days free trial. During these 14 days, you will have unlimited access to all the features of the tool.

This will allow you to test the tool's performance. In addition, during the trial period, you can monitor your customers' demand or all your prospects' data. Semalt will provide you with everything you need during the trial period.

We are at the end of our guide and we invite you to subscribe to this blog because in the next few times we will cover another section of the tool that might also be of interest to you. 

Thank you and see you soon!